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Sweet Orange is an aromatic and uplifting botanical that creates a warm and fruity environment. It is derived from orange rinds. Known for its powerful cleaning and degreasing abilities, this anti-microbial botanical is a must-have in our home care range. Citrus contains d-limonene, a natural solvent that not only cuts through grease and dirt but leaves your home smelling delicious! It can be used as a polisher, stain remover, deodoriser and as a general cleaner. Sweet Orange also has powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and has a multitude of uses beyond cleaning, including: 

  • Calming anxiety due to its invigorating, uplifting scent. 
  • Improving digestion and relieving constipation. 
  • Preventing high blood pressure due to its high levels of potassium. 
  • Reducing nervous tension.
You can find Sweet Orange throughout the Green Nation Life catalogue including in our Dishwashing Liquid, Antibacterial Hand Wash, Intensive Hand Cream, Multipurpose Spray and in our Candle, Diffuser and Room & Linen Spray ranges.