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Self-care is so important not only for our mental health, but general wellbeing. And what are Sunday’s for if not for sleep-ins and a bit of self-care? Self-care is a great outlet for reducing stress and anxiety, can improve relationships and reserach suggests it can actually help you to live longer! So this weekend, why not try one (or more!) of our favourite self-care activities:

  • Move your body - head to the gym, go to pilates, try your hand at yoga or meditation. 
  • Get outdoors - whether it’s the beach, a forest or your local park, get some fresh air and explore! 
  • Master something new - baking, puzzling, crafting, gaming or DIY-ing something. 
  • Read a book, magazine or catch up on your favourite blog. 
  • Listen to that podcast you said you’ve been wanting to listen to. 
  • Binge sesh - sometimes we just need to have a Netflix marathon or watch our favourite series until we fall asleep!
  • Beautify yourself - put on a face mask, do your hair, pluck your brows. Get good to glow!

Whatever it may be, set aside a couple of hours this Sunday for yourself.